Rainbow Play Systems offers nationwide delivery and professional swing set installation.

Your time is valuable! Let us sport the tool belt and power tools! If you are a building wiz, no problem, but if not, have no fear…Rainbow Play Systems is here. Our swing sets are shipped to more than 200 Rainbow hometown showrooms nationwide where our specially trained installers are ready and waiting to build your family’s dream swing set.

Even unlevel backyards can have a safe Rainbow swing set.

Residential yards come in all shapes, sizes and soils, and one swing set configuration is not going to work in every backyard. Rainbow Play Systems offers a huge selection of swing set options, including solutions for hard-to-fit, uneven backyards. Rainbow has developed an exclusive line of swing set components such as extended swing set ladders and A-frame swing set legs to make sure you have a safe and sturdy swing set structure to fit an unlevel play area.

Extended Castle Rock Wall Ladder

Extended Castle Step/Rung Ladder

Extended Legs for Slides

Extended Castle Chain Ladder

Extended Monkey Bar Support

Extended A-Frame legs

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