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Cedar Swing Sets – History & Fun Facts

Rainbow Play Systems makes the best in cedar swing sets. We use the finest cedar lumber with high durability and resistance to insects and rotting. The three types of cedar wood we use are; Pacific Cedar, Western Red Cedar, and Alaskan Yellow Cedar. These three types of cedar wood all have some very interesting history and fun facts! (Always remember, no matter what wooden playset you may own, it’s always a good idea to continue to power wash and stain your playset often. Learn more about how to care for your cedar playset.)

History & Fun Facts

Cedar Wood: Pacific Cedar, Western Red Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar

Pacific Cedar: Cunninghamia LanceolataPacific cedar swing sets
Named after Dr. James Cunningham, a British employee of the East India Company and who had interest in botany, and Botanist Allen Cunningham. Lanceolata comes from the lance like shape of the leaves. Cunninghamia Lanceolata is native to China, Taiwan and the Northern regions of Laos and Vietnam, but was introduced to Europe in the 1800’s. Southern Asia has been harvesting this species for over 800 years and they are largely grown for harvesting on plantations to take pressure of the old growth forests. This tree has been a favored species for reforestation in China for its durability and resistant to insects and rotting.



Western Red Cedar: Thuja PlicataWestern Red cedar swing sets
Plicata comes from the Greek word for Folded in Plaits or Braids in reference to the arrangement of the leaves. Or in Latin Arbor-Vitae, Tree of Life because of its high rot resistance. The Red Cedar produced a Thujaplicin substance in mature trees that serves as a natural fungicide that prevents the wood from rotting. Wood from large fallen trees remain sound for over 100 years. This species also produces Thujic acid that also helps make it resistant to insects. Although it is resistant to rot and insects, exposure to prolong periods of conditions where decay can be a factor, such as the wood being in contact with the ground, the wood should be treated with suitable wood preservatives. Cedar is also a excellent thermal insulator because of the low density & high proportion of air space in the wood it will stay cooler in the hot summer months unlike steel or plastic.


Alaskan Yellow Cedar: Cupressus NootkatensisAlaskan Yellow cedar swing sets
Cupressus come from the Greek word Cypress and Nootkatesis refers to Nootka Sound on the West side of Vancouver Island where it is believed to have first identified by botanists. This species is only found growing from Alaska and Southward to the costal region of British Columbia. It prefers high mountain regions and has a shallow root system. It is one of the world’s most durable woods with its smooth grain that is resistant to splintering, wears smoothly and has a good shock resistance. Like the other woods, the Yellow Cedar is also resistant to rot and insects.

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