Start Creating Your Family’s Dream Outdoor Wooden Swing Set

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With hundreds of combinations, you have the freedom to design a safe, durable, and fun play system. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 with our 3 Step Design Process.

Castle Swing Sets

A Castle has a Unique Silhouette that is best for Unlevel yards.

What makes a Castle a castle?

  •  360˚ Tire Swing
  • Jacob’s Rope Ladder
  • Super Flared Canopy & Flags
  • Two Extra Wide Ladders
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Clubhouse Playsets

A Clubhouse has a Traditional Silhouette that is the best for compact yards.

What makes a Clubhouse a clubhouse?

  • Lower Level Picnic Table or Sandbox
  • Other Custom Lower Level Options
  • Upper Level Cabin Package Available
  • Diverse Climbing Options Including a Rock Wall
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Your Children Deserve The Very Best


Built with quality materials for free standing wooden Playsets that are the sturdiest and longest lasting in the world.

Quality Swing Sets


The structural integrity of our playsets keep your child’s safety in the forefront. Explore our unmatched safety features.

Safe Swing Sets


We want you to love your swing set for a lifetime. Discover how our industry leading warranty ensures years of intensive play.

Rainbow Warranty


Our professional delivery & installation is available nationwide so you can enjoy your playset without the hassle of setting it up.

Deliver & Install

Build a Top Quality Playset

When you see the Rainbow plaque, you know you are getting the highest quality playset available. Every playset is backed by our Exclusive Lifetime Warranty which means it will truly last a lifetime. Click on the numbers to explore Rainbow’s Superior Swing Set Features.

    • Increases safety
    • Routered edges around hardware
    • Recessed hardware with safety caps
    • Ensures a long lasting, durable play structure
    • Braces the beams with maximum support
    • reduces the force on the lag bolt for the braces
    • Reduces slipping on handles and bars
    • Won’t chip or scratch
    • Prevents rust
    • Thick 1″ Rope, never 1/2″ or 5/8″
    • Eliminates tangling and easy to grab
    • Forms large knots for climbing
    • Designed for increased safety for sliding and climbing
    • Curved landing for safer exit
    • Reinforced for stability
    • Engineered for structural integrity
    • Exclusive Triple Bracket System creates three connection points
    • Adjustable for Unlevel Ground
    • Finest quality and highest safety standards
    • Never wear
    • Last a Lifetime
    • Durable lumber and decay resistant
    • Renewable, biodegradable and sustainably sourced
    • Rich, tonal coloring
Building A Better Playset

Looking for a Larger Playground for a Park or Business?

The Rainbow Play Village is perfect for:

  • Community Parks
  • Private Schools
  • Daycares
  • Churches
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Campgrounds

Rainbow’s commercial playsets are fully customizable and can include a number of ADA Accessible Options

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Rainbow Play Village commercial playground equipment

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You truly have to see it to believe it! Bring your family to one of our nationwide showrooms to experience our dedication to quality in person. Climbing, sliding, and swinging is encouraged!