Castles – The Safest & Sturdiest In Playsets

Rainbow Castle Playsets are designed with the sturdiest structural components you will find in playsets around the world. Our designs feature heavy weight canopies, notched wood angle braces, and much more. We ask you to see for yourself; visit one of our Rainbow showrooms and do a grab and shake test!

The Super Flare design of our Castle Canopy creates the maximum amount of headroom over the entire deck area. The Super Flared Canopy increases the overall headroom on both sides of the Castle Deck area.

Our Heavy Duty Canopy offers protection from sun or rain to make everyday a great day to play. Our removable canopy is easy to clean, thicker than most in the industry & manufactured with UV protective material to mitigate fading.

Attractive construction detail creates a safe rail panel with maximum stability combined with excellent visibility.

Pre-panelized decking sections are designed to provide a safe, fastener free play surface by placing all hardware & fasteners underneath the Castle play deck.

E TIRE SWIVEL is the largest & most durable on the market. Ours is nearly twice the size of others!

F TIRE SWING has drainage holes to prevent water collection. Our rubber tires have a safer impact rating than hard plastic ones.

TWO EXTRA WIDE LADDERS on our Castle design maintains the stability of the structure while granting ample space for children to climb together on either side.

H DECK LEVEL TOP RUNG provides a smooth transition to the play deck after completing the climb. Kids climbing the Rock Wall count on that Rung being there for them to grab hold.

I NOTCHED WOOD ANGLE BRACES give maximum support by bracing wood against wood which greatly reduces the force on the lag bolts that hold the brace in position.

J ROUND CLIMBING RUNGS are designed to fit your child’s grip. Round rungs add more structural integrity than flat rungs & are safer than steps without handrails.

K LARGE 4″ X 6″ MAIN BEAM DECK SUPPORTS with heavy duty 1/2″ carriage bolt construction provide twice the load-bearing strength of the competitor’s 2″ x 6″ deck supports.

L LADDER GROUND RUNNERS with notched wood braces give the structure more contact with the ground for maximum stability.