Monster Clubhouses Swing Sets

Our Exclusive I-V Packaging System

These packages make it easy to expand your swing set to keep up with children’s increased activity levels and new play interests. As your children grow, so can your swing set!

Pkg I

Pkg II

ADD Swing Beam


ADD Monkey Bars

Pkg IV

ADD Penthouse

Pkg V

ADD Spiral Slide

A truly monstrous swing set, the Monster Clubhouse is built like a tank! Our Monster Clubhouse has a massive 9’ swing beam height, and a 4” taller deck height compared to the Rainbow Clubhouse! The sturdy 4” x 6” big beam construction will keep kids safe for many years to come. Known as the “Mother of Clubhouses”, the Monster Clubhouse is ginormous in size, yet achieves a balanced and natural aesthetic to complement any backyard play area. With unmatched versatility, the Monster Clubhouse is modular and fully expandable, which includes availability for all options, accessories, and add-ons!

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