Our Exclusive Super Duty Monkey Bars for Swing Sets

monkey bars for swing setsRainbow Play Systems makes the most durable, safe and sturdy Monkey Bars for swing sets!


Our Monkey Bars are made with:

  • Massive 4″ x 6″ timber construction support ladder.
  • Massive 4″ x 6″ timber construction top ladder.
  • Notched wooden brackets are engineered to create woodon-wood construction detail for an ultra-stable design.
  • Fiesta & Carnival Series Monkey Bars feature easy to grab Powder Coated steel top ladder rungs.
  • Sunshine & Rainbow & King Kong Series Monkey Bars feature easy to grab Plastisol Dipped steel top ladder rungs.
  • Engineered to accommodate the Mighty Rainbow Penthouse which is mounted on top of the Monkey Bars.
  • Numerous sizes and many exciting add-ons, Rainbow’s Exclusive super duty Monkey Bars are available in over 50 exciting variations for your children! 

monkey bars for swing sets

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Safety – Security – Heavy Duty Construction:


  • Thru-bolts secure the Monkey Bar to the structure with two 4″ x 4″ support blocks added for maximum strength.monkey bars for swing sets
  • Extra wide steps on our Monkey Bar support ladders for the safest climbing and standing. Wide enough to sit on.
  • Full length safety handles on our Monkey Bar support ladder provides maximum safety for all ages.
  • Super Duty 4″ x 6″ notched beam wooden brackets create an ultra-stable wood-onwood connection point.
  • Exclusive multi-hole selection mounting system to accommodate unlevel yards.
  • All Rainbow Monkey Bars feature a 4″ x 4″ timber ground runner for maximum stability.