• 30 Year Anniversary!

    2015 is our 30 year anniversary!

    Rainbow Play Systems has been building childhood dreams for 30 years. Rainbow was established in 1985 and is proud to announce that 2015 is our 30 year anniversary!

  • wood swing sets

    Who’s that flying high in the sky?

    It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s your little one having fun on Rainbow wood swing sets.

  • play slide and slides

    A Rainbow offers so many ideas for backyard play.

    They’ll swing, laugh, hide and seek all day. And a play slide will make time glide away!

  • outdoor wooden play sets

    Pirate ship or space ship? It’s something different every day

    But the quality and craftsmanship that go into Rainbow’s outdoor wooden play sets never changes.

  • Tube Slides & Monkey Bars

    Make-believe monkeys can climb to the top of a Rainbow

    Kids play sets with twisting tube slides and amusing monkey bars are just right for all day giggles.

  • redwood wooden swing sets and play sets

    Real princesses rule their kingdoms from a Rainbow

    Put your mind at ease. Let her imagination soar. Rainbow has 100% Redwood all wooden swing sets.

    *Talk to your showroom about 100% Redwood

Imagine a Dream with Rainbow® Wooden Swing Sets

Today, your child will go to the moon. Tomorrow, your child will go to the center ring of the circus. Last week, they were sailing the seven seas. With their imagination and Rainbow Swing Sets, there are no limits to where they can go.

Rainbow swing sets offer hundreds of wooden play set options and accessories from which you can choose, so you can put together the ideal outdoor wooden swing set for your child. For healthy, active fun, you can feel good knowing your Rainbow swing set is built with quality craftsmanship and your child’s safety in mind. What’s more, Rainbow is the industry leader with the best Lifetime Warranty coverage in America.

Make your child’s dreams come true today! Who knows where their Rainbow Play Set will take them next?

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