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Rainbow Play Cedar Swing Sets & Playsets

When your child plays on a Rainbow® Play System you don’t think about the characteristics of the lumber, where it comes from, or if the wood mills are certified. You think about your children mastering the monkey bars, soaring high on the swings, and climbing to the top of their very own castle. As the parent your focus is on your child’s safety and active playtime outside and bringing their imagination to life. At Rainbow we focus on choosing lumber that is durable, machinable, and sustainable to give you a great quality playset your child can learn and grow on for many years.

Our cedar swing sets are made of three cedar lumbers

Alaskan Yellow Cedar

Alaskan Yellow cedar swing sets

Pacific Cedar

Pacific cedar swing sets

Western Red Cedar

Western Red cedar swing sets

All three of these types of cedar lumber are part of the same scientific family, meaning they share a lot of the same qualities and characteristics.

The first quality we look for in lumber is how durability. Cedar can not only withstand wear and pressure, but it is strong and sturdy. The yellow and red cedar is forested in coastal areas. Because of its slow growth, the wood is tough and durable, so it is typically used for boat building. It offers strong dimensional stability and is naturally resistant to weather, insect infestation and rot.

Choosing a lumber that is easy to machine is a huge benefit to Rainbow and to you. Because the product is easy to cut to size, the finished lumber is smooth and contains a lot less slivers than other lumber. Rainbow planes and routers every side and corner of our lumber so there are no dangerous pointed edges. We only use solid lumber for our larger dimension beams and we do not glue or laminate smaller dimensions to create larger beams. This ensures our beams are structurally sound, lays flat, stays straight, and holds fasteners tightly. Unlike other woods it is naturally resistant and does not need any chemical treatment.

Our cedar has a conservation status of “least concern”, meaning it is a sustainable product that uses approved mills and foresters that do not harm watershed or wildlife habitats, erode the soil, or over harvest an area. Rainbow is proud to be using a renewable resource that will last for decades even in the harshest environments.Proud to be Environmentally Green

The playsets showcased in Rainbow’s 2016 Cedar Catalog are backed with a Lifetime Warranty so you can let your child swing, jump, climb, and play on any of our cedar playsets knowing that Rainbow has chosen this lumber with you and your family in mind.



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