Rainbow Play Systems was chosen by AOL and Ford as the premier South Dakota manufacturer for their ThisBuiltAmerica.com campaign. Highlighting Rainbow’s successful growth from a garage to a global manufacturer, the editorial shows off Rainbow’s story.

AOL (sponsored by Ford) is running an editorial advertising campaign they are calling This Built America, saluting the hard working American manufacturing industry. It features 50 manufacturing companies in America, in each of the 50 states, to be complete within 50 weeks.

AOL chose Rainbow as the manufacturer of choice for the state of South Dakota. We are very excited to have been selected by AOL for this segment and it was great working with their company. AOL visited the Rainbow factory in Brookings, South Dakota for a couple days to shoot video footage and interview employees.

Click here to watch the editorial piece, featuring Rainbow Play Systems, on ThisBuiltAmerica.com

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It has been an honor to have been selected for such a great campaign! It is an excellent opportunity for us to show-off the hardworking Rainbow employees, our wonderful swing set products, and our great facility to the rest of the nation.