Each month, we like to highlight our featured swing sets, providing you a more detailed look at some of our swing set designs. Here are the August 2015 featured swing sets:

48B Sunshine Castle Package I Spacesaver
Even a smaller yard can have a Rainbow® with this Sunshine Castle Package I Spacesaver playset. This castle features a husky Double Accessory Arm with a Sling Swing and Trapeze/Rings Combo making it a more compact footprint. Along with a 360º Tire Swing, Rock Wall, Step/Chain Ladder and 10ft Double Wall Wave Slide.

48E King Kong Castle Supersized Package IV Spacesaver RPS_FeatureDesign_48E-300x300

This King Kong Castle playset has endless fun with its Rock Wall, 360º Spiral Slide and Monkey Bar with Shimmy Bars. There is also a 32in x 61in Penthouse with a Crow’s Nest for your little princess’ tower.

49A Sunshine Clubhouse Package II Spacesaver
This Sunshine Clubhouse playset features a compact layout with the Step Ladder next to the 10ft Scoop slide and a 2 Position Swing Beam. Below there is a 5ft x 5ft Double Deep Sandbox with an above Clubhouse.

49F Sunshine Clubhouse Package Pkg II Spacesaver with
Upper-Level Cabin, Lower-Level Playhouse & More
What kid doesn’t want a secret hide-away. This Sunshine Clubhouse playset offers just that with it Upper-Level enclosed Cabin and Lower-Level Playhouse. But you can still keep an eye on the little ones with the A-Frame Bench next to the Bucket Swing.

Rainbow Play is sure to have to a swing set that will be perfect for you and your family. All of our swing sets are available in the Red, Yellow & Blue Canopy, Forest Green Canopy, or Wood Roof options. Contact your local showroom today. Find a Rainbow Showroom nearest you.